Hotel Sengokubara COCON:-Enjoy the rich nature in our exclusive 5 suites

Enjoy the rich nature
in our exclusive 5 suites.

Sengokubara COCON

Immerse yourself in the luxurious bath experience of Owakudani Onsen,
private saunas and herbal baths. All five rooms are spacious suites each exceeding 92㎡.

Long ago, Hakone Sengokubara was once remarked as “The land of fertility” by the most famous Samurai in Japanese history, Minamoto no Yoritomo. Our hotel is located in a highland resort area at an altitude of 800 meters, situated beyond the golden susuki grass fields in Sengokubara. It has emerged as an exquisite small luxury hotel after a complete renovation of a company facility with a vast 1000-tsubo (approximately 3300 ㎡) garden. The spacious five suites, boasting the highest grade, are equipped with relaxation bathing facilities such as Owakudani Onsen and private saunas. In public bathing areas, there are semi open-air baths and herbal baths, allowing guests to thoroughly enjoy a relaxing Hakone experience. For dinner at the restaurant, we offer a modern French cuisine which is prepared by various techniques such as wood-fire grilling and fermentation. Additionally, guests may enjoy a local and homemade traditional Japanese breakfast. Please escape the commotion of the city and indulge in a special moment appreciating the majestic natural beauty of Hakone.


Spend an indulging time in our luxurious suites with hot spring,
sauna, a water bath, and the breathtaking scenery of Sengokubara.

Spend an indulging time in our luxurious suites with hot spring, sauna, a water bath, and the breathtaking scenery of Sengokubara.

Our five suites, each exceeding 92㎡, offer private villa-like spacious and leisurely moments. Rooms equipped with Owakudani Onsen, private saunas, and adjustable-temperature water baths, enhances the supreme stay experience. The interiors of all rooms feature a simple and chic refined atmosphere. Furniture selected by the owner from brands such as Edra, Bonaldo, Poltrona Frau, gives a unique charm to each room. You may also enjoy the splendid views of the Hakone mountains and our beautiful garden through the windows.


Taste the essence of seasonal delights from across the country in our modern French cuisine
and feel the lively cooking vibe from the open kitchen!


We strongly care for concepts of 'Sawari' (the beginning), 'Shun' (the peak), and 'Nagori' (the lingering) in selecting premium ingredients sourced from all over the country. Our offerings include Japanese brand beef, fresh seafood from nearby waters, and local specialty foods from various regions. We use techniques such as wood-fire grilling and fermentation to bring out the best of the seasonal flavors. Upon request, we can also provide vegan and vegetarian menus. For beverages, we offer an extensive wine list curated by a sommelier. We have two pairing courses, wine course or non-alcoholic course to match your dishes. In the morning, we prepare traditional Japanese breakfast which focuses on local and homemade ingredients. Please enjoy our rich and nutritious breakfast.

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